Friday, January 30, 2009

Self Mastery

September 19, 1993

I heard a talk at woman’s conference that was illuminating. Mary Finnegan said, “Either you master your money, or it will master you. You will either be boss or slave. There is no middle ground.”

This morning I thought that this applies to food and time as well. Either you master food, or it will master you (If you are lucky enough to have food in abundance). Working by time schedules brings control and freedom. I need to master all three of these areas in my life. I have done it in all areas for short periods of time, but I know people who have been able to do it consistently. These are the solid, admirable people among us. The danger inherent in mastering these is an accompanying impatience with those who have not--or, equally bad, becoming miserly in all things--preoccupied and ridiculous with food, short-sighted and selfish with money, or unyielding and unwilling to give time.

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