Monday, February 11, 2013


Thinking of mom today and the talk I gave in church a couple of weeks ago came to mind. I can't believe that we've been without her now for 12 years. I love having her thoughts and perspectives on different topics, both gospel related and otherwise, through her journal. This is one of my favorites, and such a beautiful way to explain what sometimes can be thought of as a complex topic--testimony. Love and miss you mom.

   "We are all different. Your testimony, though it comes from the same source, will not be exactly the same as someone else’s. We all perceive individually. From my experience, we are given what we can understand and what we are willing to receive. And what we are given is difficult, if not impossible, to describe. When you hear others bearing their “testimony,” it may or may not have meaning for you...The principles are unchanging, but the manifestation of truth has as many different means as there are people on earth...This idea of testimony once seemed complicated to me and now seems much simpler. Sometimes, it seems as simple as gratitude--the ability to acknowledge divine purpose and order in all creation with a full and thankful heart--the joy of being alive, running, swimming, seeing, hearing, loving--the joy of seashells and stones, of colored fruit from the brown earth--rainbows in the air.”