Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Quiet Morning

Jan.11, 1997

Dear Peter,

We have had a beautiful 4 inches of new snow during the night on top of about 3 inches of wet snow and ice. The sky is snow-washed blue, and everything is sparkling in the 20 degree weather. A light breeze is stirring the trees, and a few dry snow flakes are flying around in the sunshine--a beautiful winter day. Dad and I have been enjoying being alone. I guess I have enjoyed all stages of family life. This Saturday, Ben slept in, and Katie is with friends. We have had the house to ourselves to eat and talk, shovel snow, and do files together. We laid around in bed from first light until the sun was up--an unheard of luxury for Dad. We had no teens to wait up for or worry about last night. Ben was home on the couch with Paddy. Nice.

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maria said...

Tim, I think this is just wonderful! I think about your mom often and will really enjoy reading her blog.