Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Half Bushel of Beets

I am back [from Pennsylvania Dutch Country] with 1/2 bushel of red beets. A young Amish farmer had his “red beet” sign out, and when I perceived his hardship, his youth, etc., I felt I couldn’t buy less than $5. I tried to talk him into giving me less for the same money, but he was determined to give me full measure. I hadn’t realized he didn’t have the beets harvested and would have to pull them as we watched.

He is having a difficult time as a dairy farmer. No matter what price the grocer puts on it in the store, he always gets the same paltry amount for his milk. He had a full dark beard, rosy cheeks, and a constant full smile. His clothesline was filled with baby clothes--at least three toddlers and an infant, judging from the sizes. Karen [Athay] was laughing at me all the way home for my half bushel of beets, even though she was ready to hand him $20 herself.

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